A physician's referral is not needed to begin treatment at Myofascial Therapy & Wellness.  In the state of Indiana, physical therapists have direct access which allows individuals to seek physical therapy without a referral from a licensed medical provider.  

The cost for a 60 minute session is $90 and for a 30 minute session is $45.   With the initial visit, a 60 minute session is highly recommended to thoroughly assess the individual's condition and initiate treatment that can begin to effect changes in the body.  After initial assessment, it can be determined if further treatments should consist of either 30 or 60 minutes sessions.

Myofascial Therapy & Wellness is not a provider for any insurance company.  Therefore, payment is due at time of service.  Cash, check and credit/debit cards are accepted.  

Due to a total body assessment and hand-on approach, loose clothing that allows the therapist to touch the skin on the neck, chest, back, arms, legs and abdomen is recommended.